Comfortable, reliable and affordable dentures.

Dentures in Torquay

At Wellswood & Babbacombe Dental, we consider the replacement of teeth to be critical in ensuring a high quality of life. Dentures are often an effective way of replacing multiple missing teeth. We want to make sure that you have the most comfortable, stable and natural looking dentures; therefore we use our team of master dental technicians to custom make dentures using the highest quality materials.

Benefits of Dentures

When done well, dentures can make a drastic improvement to not only your eating enjoyment, but they can also make you look younger by reducing frown lines surrounding your lips and cheeks. We use a range of different types of denture materials to determine which is the best option for you.
Missing teeth
Dentures can replace missing teeth and improve the ability to chew and speak.
Improved appearance
Dentures can improve the appearance of a person's smile and provide facial support.
Dentures are removable and easy to clean.
Dentures are typically less expensive than other tooth replacement options such as dental implants.
Dentures can be adjusted and refitted to ensure a comfortable fit.

Denture repairs & Relining

Denture relining involves adding new material to the inside of the denture to improve the fit. This can be done by a dentist or a dental lab.

While minor denture repairs can be done at home with DIY kits available in the market, it is always recommended to get it done by a professional to avoid further damage and a more costly repair down the line.